Stephan Züger, president of the Esse 850 International Class, announces a delay of the general assembly of 2015. The general assembly of the Esse 850 International Class will no longer take place at the beginning of May at Lugano but just before the Swiss Championships on Lake Constance in October 2015.

We are very sorry for having had technical trouble regarding the entry form for the events of the Esse 850 IC Cup yesterday. Thanks to your immediate feedback we're back on track again now. Once you've successfully registered for any regatta, you will get a confirmation via e-mail and appear automatically on the entry list. If you've tried to register yesterday we'd like to kindly ask you to fill out the entry form again. Thank you very much for your understanding!

We are very excited to finally be able to introduce the new homepage of the Esse 850 International Class to you! The website mainly wins over thanks to its modern look and clear structure which grant the likewise contemporary class a representative internet-appearance.

In winter 2014/15, «Esseboats» made a client survey in order to feel the pulse of the sailors of all Esse-Classes (Esse 750, Esse 850 and Esse 990). More than 60 sailors participated in the survey, whereof around about 75% indicated to mainly be sailing on the Esse 850. Due to these numerous reactions, the survey led to significant and representative results about leading opinions within the Esse 850 International Class regarding technical details, events and communications.

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