After a cold and windy morning, ironically, the «Bise» began to drop just as the last Esse 850 was launched. At the skipper’s meeting, the race officer was still pretty confident of the Bise coming back again in the afternoon. But it didn’t. Which is why the socialising part stood in the centre, today. Let’s hope for better conditions tomorrow.

Most of the 21 teams from Switzerland and Germany have already arrived at Romanshorn. The Swiss Championships will surely be a dignified last event of the Esse 850 IC Cup 2015 for competitive as well as social matters. After all, even the race for victory in the total ranking of the cup series is still on. Taking a quick glance at the wind predictions, let’s hope that the famous northeasterly, know under the name of «Bise», will keep up until Friday!

As an opening of the Swiss Championships 2015, the general assembly of the Esse 850 International Class will take place on the 30th of September 2015 at 6pm in Romanshorn at Hotel Inseli. Registration deadline, agenda as well as further details can be found in the official invitation.

The «Silverrudder™ – Challenge of the Sea» is an annual singlehanded, 134 nautical miles long boat race around the island of Funen, Denmark. With 300 participants overall, it is even the world’s largest non-stop, singlehanded off shore race. This year, the Silverrudder (category «Keelboat Small») was fortunately won by Franz Schollmayer on his Esse 850 «Firlefranz» with a record-breaking time of 20:23:14 hours. Congratulations!

Finally, here we are with the report about the German Open 2015. As stated already, the event came to an early end on Saturday due to the amount of races having been sailed. The final ranking was a little slow in coming but is now available as usual on our homepage. Sorry for the delay!

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