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Bächau Cup 2016 – Report

This weekend the fifth and second to last event of the Esse 850 IC Cup 2016 took place on Lake Zürich in Bäch (SUI). Although the weather was pretty dynamic (rainy, cloudy, sunny, warm & cold), the associated winds never really set in properly which only allowed two races in difficult conditions. The SUI 125, team «Aspra» with Urs Oldani, managed the tricky circumstances well and hence claimed their second overall victory of this season with 3 points, followed by the SUI 155, team «B TOO» with Jan Bachmann (6 points) and the SUI 106, team «Solino» with Nicola Fuso (7 points). Detailed results may be found here. In the end all competitors still enjoyed a nice weekend at the Esse 850 Bächau Cup 2016 and left the lovely spot with smiles on their faces.

Invitation to 10th General Assembly

The president of the Gentlemen's Class herewith officially invites all members to the 10th General Assembly of the Esse 850 International Class. The assembly will be held on the first evening of the Esse 850 Swiss Championship, the 16th of September 2016 in Ascona at the Sala Teatro del Gatto. Please find all further details in Stephan Züger's invitation letter. See you there!

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